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Hello and welcome to our website!

Hi and welcome to powerliftinggymcardiff.co.uk! We are a private gym based in central Cardiff. Established in 2015, we are relatively new but have years of experience under our belts within our owner, trainers and coaches. If you would like to know more about us or contact us you can go directly to the facebook page. We also have a blog where we create high quality content about powerlifting and weightlifting techniques, including guides, videos, strategies, cutting, bulking and a lot more, check that out here.

Gym CardiffWe are number 1

We are the number rated weight and powerlifting gym in Cardiff and we intend to stay that way. Unlike other gyms we run on a policy of acceptance. We allow members when we have the equipment to facilitate. After walking into a commercial gym at 6PM on a Monday and physically not being able to get on 1 piece of equipment, I decided that I would never let this happen to our gym. We are currently not allowing any more members and have it set at 100 members. In the coming future (August) we will receive new equipment that allows us to take on an additional 50 members. Each member will receive a free personal training session geared to what they want to achieve and if you have any questions about any of the machines or weights, this is the time to ask. We have 3 full time trainers, all of whom take on clients in the gym. Rates vary from £15-75 per hour.

What is Power-lifting?

Powerlifting is a sport officially recognised by its international federation. Where athletes, similar to olympic weight lifting, compete in weight categories to lift the most across 3 lifts, each with 3 attempt on each lift. These lifts are the squat, bench press and deadlift. Rapidly growing in popularity due to it’s low barrier to entry, these lifts can be performed at almost any gym or fitness centre, but proper form and techniques should always be used.

Our Equipment:

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We had 1 motto when we initially decided to take the plunge and set up a gym, and this was “We would have the best of everything” The best equipment, weights, deadlift bars, Texas bars, plates, racks and machines.” We are not like your average commercial gym, we prefer a personal service and you can be as loud, sweaty, bloody and chalky as you like, we don’t mind and we encourage people to come and release some of the pent up anger of the modern day life.

powerlifting gym

We currently have 5 squat racks, 2 deadlift platforms, 2 dedicated bench-presses, 1 mono lift, dumbbells up to 50KG, 4 independent benches, leg curl, hamstring curl, calf raise machine, 2 cable machines, 2 “bum” machines, 4 ergos, boxes up to 50 inches, 5 treadmills, 3 cross trainers, 2 bikes and almost 2,000KG in Eleiko plates. All chalk, foam rollers, yoga mats, weight belts, straps and additional lifting equipment is included in the free-area of the gym.

The entire gym floor is also adapt to be a deadlifting platform so feel free to snatch, clean and jerk or deadlift anywhere on the gym floor itself.

Opening Times:

We have flat opening times, but the gym can be booked outside of these times for private events, training or even fitness conferences. The opening times are:

  • Mon-Fri: 7:00-22:00
  • Sat-Sun: 9:00-20:00

Our Fitness Classes:

powerlifting gymWe offer a variety of classes at the powerlifting gym Cardiff. Not all of these are power or weight lifting based either. We are currently running a number of kick-start style circuit classes, these are 45 minute high intensity classes with the sole aim to burn as many calories as possible, these are designed for the extremely busy weight loss individuals.

Other classes include yoga and hot yoga, spin and of course professional powerlifting and weightlifting sessions. The numbers to individual sessions is usually around 5-10 and we aim to ensure there are no more than 12 individuals per instructor, again this is our personal, professional approach.

Our Prices:

Our prices are based on the quality of service and the professional equipment we have. Pricing is as follows:

Monthly: £42
Paid 6-monthly: £39
Paid annually: £35
Student: £32 per month.
Day Pass: Unavailable at time of writing.

Find Us:

We are based in central Cardiff although we don’t reveal the location of the exact gym when not taking on members. If you would like to go to the contact page you can request to be emailed when the gym is taking on new members.